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Precision Fabrication

Precision fabrication of high tech, high volume products such as hard disk drives (HDD) requires state-of-the-art clean manufacturing technology (CleanTech) and CleanTech implementation strategies.  CleanTech strategies may include one or a combination of the following technology components:

  • Integrated CleanTech to eliminate or reduce all forms of manufacturing waste: time, labor, space, transport, defect, inventory, processing, equipment, raw materials, air pollution, water pollution, wastewater, solid wastes, and energy wastes.
  • Advanced CleanTech for improved quality and reliability imposed by advanced materials, manufacturing methods and processes, and applications.
  • Flexible automation, modular and clustered assembly operations (cells) to reduce operational waste.
  • More adaptable and flexible production tools and methodologies to improve efficiency and productivity in low volume-high mix-high value production operations.
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