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Precision Manufacturing

The past century has witnessed an increasing demand for faster cutting, better finishes and longer tool life, all while machining more demanding materials. However, these demands are often at odds with one another; faster machining can greatly increase cut temperatures which leads to tool degradation and poor finish, and the need for finishing passes to improve dimensional tolerance and surface finish adds time to production.

To accommodate these demands, manufacturing technology has developed advancements in machine tools, machine controls, processing materials, machining fluids, and cutting tools.  These advancements have all addressed areas where improvement was needed.  However they generally do not address the underlying need to make a machining process cut faster while generating better surface finish with a longer tool life.  For demanding cutting operations, keeping the workpiece, tool, or chip cooler does not necessarily lower cutting zone friction – and this is where all the action is.  Nearer technology is needed to address cutting zone frictional heating challenges.

We offer a patents-pending dry and near-dry machining fluids technology that works in cooperation with advanced tool coating technology – called OzoKool™.  OzoKool™ is a hybrid technology that increases oxygenation in machining processes – promoting the formation of lubricious metal oxides within the cutting zone interfaces under extreme operating conditions characteristic of near-dry and dry machining processes.   OzoKool™ has been developed to address the particular demands of hard machining and to enhance the economics of advanced cutting tool technology.

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